Quebec Cup


Quebec Cup comes to Dalhousie Lake!

On Saturday February 2, 2008 two teams representing the Dalhousie Lake Curling Club went to Sherbrooke, Quebec and successfully challenged for the Quebec Challenge Cup. Congratulations go out to Bill Woods, Billy Joe Woods, Bob Reynolds, Mike Reynolds, Duncan Jameson, Greg Jameson, Rodney Davis, and Andrew Ashton . The Quebec Challenge Cup was initiated in 1874 and is still being contested today. The Dalhousie Lake Curling Club defending the cup at Dalhousie Lake on Saturday, February 9th 2008 against Morrisburg. It will be the first time in a great many years that this challenge has been played on an outdoor rink which is where the original challenges were held.

Quebec Cup Dalhousie Lake Style

Quebec Cup Quebec Cup


Saturday February 2, 2008

Dalhousie Lake Curling Club
Sherbrooke Curling Club

Quebec Cup

Dalhousie Lake Curling Club Team 1        Dalhousie Lake Curling Club Team 2

Bill Woods Jr. (Billy Joe) – Skip                    Duncan Jameson – Skip
Bob Reynolds – Third                                                Greg Jameson – Third
Mike Reynolds – Second                                Rodney Davis – Second        
Bill Woods – Lead                                          Andrew Ashton - Lead          
Score: 8                                                           Score: 6
Sherbrooke Curling Club Team 1               Sherbrooke Curling Club Team 2

Skip: Réjean Larochelle                                      Skip: Guy Bellavance
3rd: Claude Vallée                                              3rd: Gaétan Guillemette
2nd: Luc Riendeau                                             2nd: Guylain Boulay
Lead: Roger Arguin                                            Lead: Patrice Leclerc
Score : 5                                                          Score : 4
Dalhousie Lake enjoyed excellent hospitality from Sherbrooke and looks forward to defending the cup on natural ice.


Sunday February 10, 2008

Morrisburg Curling Club
Dalhousie Lake Curling Club

Quebec Cup
Dalhousie Lake Curling Club Team 1        Dalhousie Lake Curling Club Team 2

Bob Reynolds – Skip                                      Graham Hicks – Skip
Bill Robertson – Third                                    Scott Patterson – Third
Jim Kilgallen – Second                                   Paul Bryenton – Second        
Wayne Dennison – Lead                                Chris Daley - Lead                 
Score: 12                                                         Score: 10
Morrisburg Curling Club Team 1               Morrisburg Curling Club Team 2
Joe McCooeye            - Skip                                      Ron Toonders – Skip
Sam Laurin – Third                                         Gerry Thompson – Locke
Josh Laurin – Second                                      Makin Locke – Second
John Toonders – Lead                                                Allan Black - Lead
For the first time in over 86 years the Quebec Cup was defended on natural ice by the Dalhousie Lake Curling Club.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Danville Curling Club
Dalhousie Lake Curling Club

Quebec Cup

Dalhousie Lake Curling Club Team 1  Dalhousie Lake Curling Club Team 2

Bill Woods  – Skip                                          Bill Robertson – Skip
Scott Patterson – Third                                   Bob Reynolds – Third
Donald Gamble – Second                               Bill Woods Jr. – Second        
Jim Hines – Lead                                            Roy Tubman - Lead               
Score: 13                                                         Score: 9
Danville Curling Club Team 1                     Danville Curling Club Team 2

Skip: Paul Lodge                                                Skip: Craig Frost
3rd: Jim Mastine                                                3rd: Paul Hamel
2nd: Albert Gillim                                               2nd: Sebastien Descharmes
Lead: Lawrence Bushey                                     Lead: John David Hamel
Score: 5                                                           Score: 9

Dalhousie Lake enjoyed excellent challenge from Danville and looks forward to Richmond next.